Manufacture supplier US standard ratchet tie down 2inch | 2“ WSTDA standard cargo strap WLL3333LBS

Brand: LOUA or made on request
Origin: Jiangsu, China
Webbing material: AA-grade high-strength polyester PES polyester
Metal material: #45 high carbon steel (heat treated)
Sewing material: AA-grade high-strength polyester PES polyester
Product width: 2INCH /50MM
Working strength: WLL3333LBS
Breaking strength: 10000LBS
Product length: 27FT /30FT and customized
Safety factor: 3 times
Customization is available, to print your LOGO or customer name on webbing, Feel free to contact us!


LOUA US standard ratchet cargo straps product features:
1. Webbing and sewing thread parts::
LOUA 5 tons of ratchet cargo strap webbing all use AA grade polyester industrial fiber (PES), The material has characteristics of high strength, good wear resistance, good light resistance, etc., weaving by mature production technology, and in the long run, Based on the European standard and the American standard, the production process has been improved, making it less elastic (standard elongation at break ≤ 7%), more wear-resistant, and longer service life.

2、Metal part(ratchet & hooks):
The LOUA 5-ton ratchet is stamped and formed from #45 high-carbon steel and assembled after heat treatment. It has the characteristics of high strength and good matching of parts, and has certain corrosion resistance and rust resistance! The ratchet structure is simple and easy to use, and it will not fall off after the webbing is tightened and fastened, making the transportation bundling safer and ensuring the safety of drivers, passengers, related operations, and non-operational third-party personnel! The accidents caused by the no-good securement of goods on the highway have been greatly reduced!

LOUA cargo strap application range:
LOUA cargo strap is widely used in general cargo logistics transportation, truck bundling, auto hauling, car transportation tire fixing, inner container cargo securement, van refrigerated truck cargo secure, railway freight compartment secure, and mooring requirements in the field of cargo secure, Please refer to endless type ratchet straps for applicable packing requirements. If you have the above requirements, please contact us!

LOUA SLING CO., LTD produces and prepares various cargo straps, truck straps, auto haul straps for automotive logistics, camouflage army green military green straps, VAN interior ratchet straps, webbing cargo secure nets, cargo lifting nets, hoisting belts, barrier nets, etc. All the items can also be produced according to the special needs of customers, Feel free to send an inquiry for more details!


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