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Brand: LOUA
Origin: Nanjing, China
Product material: high-strength polyester
Product size: customized (according to cabin size)
Product composition: webbing surface + fixing parts
Production standard: national standard, European standard, American standard, Australian standard
Other services: Customer LOGO can be printed


Safety cargo nets are widely used in transportation containers and storage spaces, such as box trucks, containers, vans, aircraft cabins, or warehouses. Their main functions include separating different batches of goods and securing cargo to prevent collapsing during transportation, which can cause impact on other areas.

Structure Components
The structure of safety cargo nets typically includes the following components:
– Main Net Body: Made of multiple webbing straps stitched together in various shapes to fit different loading containers, such as squares, rectangles, circles, trapezoids, etc.
– Connectors: Chosen based on the fixed points pre-installed in the container, such as hooks, rings, buckles, etc.
– Tensioners: Used to tighten the webbing straps to generate tension, giving the cargo net the strength to resist impacts.

Information Needed for Customizing Safety Cargo Nets
Before customizing safety cargo nets, please provide the following information:
1. Overall dimensions
2. Webbing width
3. Mesh size
4. Connection and reinforcement methods

Based on this information, we will discuss the details and proceed to the next steps of production.

Webbing Selection
Safety cargo nets usually use polyester webbing, but can also choose high-performance materials such as nylon, nylon 66, high molecular weight polyethylene (UHWMPE), aramid, etc., depending on the application. We have a rich inventory of polyester webbing to choose from, with widths ranging from 25MM to 350MM, available in various colors and styles. There is no minimum order quantity for these webbings. If our stock webbing cannot meet your requirements, we can weave according to your needs. As a manufacturer specializing in webbing, we can meet various webbing production requirements. The width, texture, color, and color line arrangement of the webbing can all be customized to your needs. Custom webbing requires a certain minimum order quantity, so please contact us to discuss specific requirements!

Selection of Metal Connectors and Tensioners
Choose suitable connectors based on the anchoring points on the cargo compartment walls or other fixed positions, such as hooks, rings, anchor plates, E-fittings, stud fittings, etc. Tensioners include ratchet type, cam buckle type, or over-center buckle. In some frames or containers without fixed points, we often need to make anchoring straps/loops for both connection and tightening.

Determining Mesh Size
The mesh size should be determined based on the size of the cargo, ensuring that the cargo will not pass through the mesh. For scattered cargo, nylon netting fabric, PVC fabric, etc., can be added. In scenarios requiring frequent opening and closing, we can also equip safety cargo nets with large zippers to make it happen.

Sewing Methods
We typically use polyester sewing threads of different sizes, such as 340Dtex, 840Dtex, and 1500Dtex. The thread color is usually white, but different colors can be selected as needed. If other materials are used for the webbing, corresponding materials can be used for the sewing thread. There are various sewing patterns. To ensure strength, our computer sewing machines can adjust the sewing patterns to greatly enhance the overall aesthetics. Besides conventional sewing points, to ensure overall strength, we also sew fixed points on the edge webbing to prevent tearing under large impact forces.

Label Options
Most safety cargo nets require sewn-in labels to ensure users can clearly understand the net’s parameters during long-term use. The label content includes product name, material, dimensions, strength, manufacturer information, supplier information, production date, etc. The label materials include PU, non-woven fabric, thickened washable fabric, leather, or soft PVC, and can be protected by placing the label in a protective sleeve or attaching it to the webbing with transparent plastic after pressing.

Packaging Methods
We package according to customer requirements. Depending on the sales and usage scenarios, individual safety cargo net products can be packaged with or without plastic bags. We can also create tote bags or colorful paper box packaging for retail.

Custom Branding
As an experienced manufacturer, we always support custom branding and personalized production. Specifically, we can create customer-specific labels, instructions, individual product plastic bag labels, retail packaging design, tote bags, and outer carton packaging according to customer designs.

Order Process
After confirming all the details, we will complete the necessary paperwork. Upon receiving the down payment, we will proceed with preparation and production. We will track and display production details throughout the process and proceed to the next step after your confirmation. Before shipping, we will provide the required material reports, strength test reports, individual detail photos, appearance photos, and packaging photos, and upload them to DROPBOX. This ensures you have a clear and complete understanding of your entire order status.

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