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Brand: LOUA
Origin: Nanjing, China
Product material: high-strength polyester
Product size: customized
Product composition: webbing mesh surface + fastening belt
Production standard: national standard, European standard, American standard, Australian standard
Other services: Customer LOGO can be printed


Features of LOUA webbing cargo secure net:
Strong bearing capacity, safe and wear-resistant, light and stable. LOUA webbing is all made of AA grade polyester industrial filament (PES), which has the characteristics of high strength, good wear resistance and good light resistance. Weaving through mature production technology, and improving on the basis of European standard and American standard production technology for many years, it makes the elasticity smaller (standard elongation at break≤7%), more wear-resistant and longer service life. It makes the transportation securement safer, and guarantees the safety of drivers and passengers, related operations and non-operational third-party personnel! The accidents caused by the securement of goods on the highway have been greatly reduced!

LOUA flat webbing cargo secure net application range:
It is widely used in the securement of goods in logistics transportation. For example, the cargo in the pickup truck compartment is fixed, the light truck flatbed truck is transported fixed, and the heavy truck transports steel pipe coils and other goods to prevent the cargo from rushing forward when the vehicle brakes suddenly, causing life threats to the drivers and passengers or third-party personnel!

LOUA SLING Co., Ltd. produces all kinds of webbing cargo secure nets, lifting nets, safety nets, climbing nets, roof rack nets and other net bags. The cargo securement net is made of flat belts through a special process, which can be used to prevent traffic accidents caused by the movement of goods during transportation. It has the characteristics of softness, toughness and high strength. The cargo secure net is used to fix the cargo, which is convenient, time-saving, labor-saving, safe and efficient. The development trend of cargo fixed nets is becoming more and more popular in the transportation industry. At present, our company can supply multi-kinetic net bags for family cars and off-road vehicles, we also develop different specifications for pickups, light trucks, heavy trucks and other vehicles and transportation tools. The goods fixed net can also be manufactured according to the special needs of customers, with multiple choices of webbing, arbitrary mesh size, and a variety of fastening devices and accessories to choose from. It is safe and reliable. Feel free to send an inquiry for more details!


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